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Barbed and Net Wire Residential Fencing in Parker, CO

The right fence helps you keep in everything you want to keep in and keep out everything you want to keep out. At Open Range Fence, we install the ideal solution for your property’s particular needs. In addition to our more traditional fences, we also sell and install barbed wire and net wire fences. Contact us today for complete details on our many options for rural and residential fencing in Parker, CO.

We have extensive experience setting up fences for properties of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need a small area surrounded or fencing along your entire perimeter, we’ve got you covered. Talk to our team to request a style recommendation. We’re happy to answer your questions about the pros and cons of barbed wire, net wire, and more.

Farm Fencing

Your Local Barbed Wire Fence Installer

For reliable fencing, you need a reliable installer. We’re among the most trusted barbed wire fence installers near you. Our crew pays close attention to detail and uses only industry-trusted materials and techniques. We aim to set up a fence that will serve you well for years to come.

Barbed wire is a traditional fencing choice with a proven track record on farms and ranches across the land. It’s good for providing a secure barrier for large animals while also deterring anything--or anyone--from climbing over the top.

Net Wire Fence Installation by the Professionals

While not as visually intimidating as barbed wire, net wire fencing is highly effective at safely containing small livestock and pets. It’s a long-lasting yet affordable solution for everything from hobby farming to massive ranches. 

As your trusted team for net wire fence installation near you, we use the highest quality materials. Each net wire fence we set up is built to last and should require only minimal maintenance. However, should your fence be damaged in an accident or fall victim to vandals, you can count on us for effective fencing repair.

Get a Project Estimate Today

Find out just how affordable our fencing solutions can be for you by requesting a project estimate. Based on how much area you need to cover and your chosen materials, we calculate the total cost for the job as well as how soon it will be done. We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have about our various rural and residential fencing styles.

Iron Fencing

Contact us to explore fencing options for your property. We proudly serve customers in Parker, CO, and the surrounding areas.