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Use Residential Fencing in Parker, CO, to Protect Your Property

Fences make for good neighbors. It’s an old saying, but there’s truth to it as fences benefit you as a property owner and those who live around you. They are simple solutions which prevent problems from arising and end any which may have occurred.

When you rely on Open Range Fence, we help you keep peace with your neighbors. Perhaps you’ve got a pet who is an escape artist and can wriggle out of any leash and collar. If he gets free, he won’t be intruding on anyone’s property and causing mischief; he will be behind one of our dependable fences.

Residential fencing in Parker, CO, is the right choice for a pet like that; it’s ideal for keeping him away from the dangers which abound outside your property. We all know that dogs and cars don’t mix and keeping Fido in your yard means he stays safe.

Farm Fencing

Many Fencing Options to Choose From

Maybe you’ve got a hobby farm and want to keep your livestock where it’s supposed to be. You don’t want to wake up one morning and see your dairy cows eating your flowers. Prevent that scenario by calling us for residential fence installation to surround those flowerbeds, and barbed wire or net fencing for keeping the cows where they belong.

Barbed wire is a traditional fencing choice which has a proven track record in farms and ranches across the land. It’s good for providing a secure barrier for large animals while net fencing works well for smaller livestock and pets.

Our fences are made of the highest quality materials, so you know they are dependable and secure, and with the benefit of proper installation by our team, they last a long time. All they require is a bit maintenance on occasion and not much else.

However, for the times your fence is knocked down by an errant vehicle, has suffered damage from extreme weather, or maybe has fallen victim to vandals, we are ready to provide all the fencing repair you need.

More Than Security

Sure, fences are good at keeping pets and livestock in, but they are also good at keeping unwanted individuals and critters out. They do much more than that, though, decorative fences look great. We provide fences which add a touch of class to any property. Wood, vinyl, or wrought iron are a few of the choices we provide. Work with us, and we’ll find just the right one.

Iron Fencing

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