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Quality Fences, Decorative Fences & Much More in Parker, CO

When it comes to the safety of your animals and maintaining your space, ensuring you have proper, quality fences is essential. At Open Range Fence, based in Parker, CO, we provide a variety of residential fencing & farm fencing options that not only look great on your property but also offer various functions that meet all of your needs. All materials are transported to the job site for full installation, and when the installation is done, we finish up with a thorough cleanup. By using only the highest quality of materials for your projects, you can count on our quality fences meeting your every need.

Quality Fences

Sturdy Fencing for Your Farming Property

We currently offer a complete set of farm fencing options with barbed wire fencing, net fencing, and welded fencing. Our team is both quick and incredibly thorough on every installation, ensuring that you receive a long-lasting product. We pride ourselves on the quality of work we put into every job we do, providing not only a fast installation but also a level of reliability that you can count on. On top of our fence installation, we also offer maintenance for any fences we build. While we have yet to have a client require these services, we are always here at the ready when you need us.

Decorative Fences for the Home Or Apartment

Alongside our farm fencing options, we also offer residential fence installation that provides both functionality and style. Many of the materials we work with include wood, vinyl, wrought iron, dovetail, cyclone, and chain link fences. Our inventory of decorative fences gives you plenty of options to choose from that will match your properties style and bring out the best in your home.

Iron Fencing